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Fire & Life Safety System Testing

N.I.C. Protection will be performing the troubleshoot and repair of the Fire & Life Safety at the
property, as follows:
Thursday, August 19th, 2021
Between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm
During these repairs, the following will take place:
• Fire Alarms will be heard at various times during the test procedure.
Access to Retail Spaces 105 and 106 is mandatory.
We thank you for your cooperation and effort in allowing us to proceed with this test and
apologize for any inconvenience.

Reg4 Retest Notice 2021

TO: All Residents 

FROM: The Management Office 

RE: Fire & Life Safety System Re-test

N.I.C. Protection will be performing the re-test of the Fire & Life Safety at the property, as follows: 

Monday, June 7th 2021

Between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm 

During this test the following will take place: 

Fire Alarms will be heard at various times during the test procedure. 


The Elevators will be out of commission for approximately 1 hour between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm.  Please utilize stairs during the testing period. 


hour between the hour of 5pm and 7pm, to confirm the operation of all Fire Life/Safety Systems (Alarms, Lighting, Building Communication and Generator) on Emergency Power. Residents, please remember to turn off all computers and reset your clocks after the electricity has been restored.  

The vehicle gate to the lower levels will be closed.  Please plan accordingly. 

We thank you for your cooperation and effort in allowing us to proceed with this test and apologize for any inconvenience.

Centre Street Lofts Quarterly Status Report

The Board and Management hope that this email finds you safe and well. It has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone.  We sincerely hope 2021 is a better year for everyone.

The Board and Association Met on May 12, 2021.  We encourage everyone to attend the next meeting via Zoom.  Questions regarding building expenses can be answered during the meetings.  Excessive calls to community care or the building manger take away from the day to day resources allotted to our Association.  Please remember to be professional when contacting management and foul language is a form of harassment and creates a hostile work environment for those that take care of us.  After hours and weekend calls are to be reserved for emergencies and are charged separately to the association.



The Association has chosen a contractor and will break ground on a Restroom and Mop Sink area for our building janitorial staff.  This will be located in the trash room space.  The building was completed without a common restroom and it has been difficult for our staff to arrange restroom access.  The Union and Subway have accommodated them, but this permanent solution will be an essential improvement to those that work on our building.  This project will be paid from reconstruction funds.  The increases in material costs due to COVID will affect the final cost.


The Association has been working with vendors to develop a process for the safe shut down of the common area power during the annual Reg 4 fire inspection.  The building was built without a breaker to the common areas and it has been necessary to remove fuse blocks in order to test the generator.  At the onset of COVID lock downs in 2020 we had hired an electrical vendor to document a process to be used that does not include any individual to complete the testing.  This vendor has declined to return to our building. 

Current status:    PLAN B: A new electrical vendor will produce a written process for the common area power shut down to be used in future Reg 4 testing.  The expenses for these activities will be paid from reconstruction funds.

The association is completing the remaining repairs necessary to pass the 2021 Reg 4 testing and will communicate the completion to residents once we are complete.  Fire safety is the top priority for the Management company and the Board.


Management has worked extensively with the DWP to determine if our water bills are correct.  The association enjoyed a reprieve from high water bills until September 2019 when an inquiry to the DWP triggered an audit and our true water and sewer costs began to be billed to the association.  We pay more than $8K for water and $8K for sewer charges monthly.  The association is working with a vendor to determine if there are any leaks in our water systems which will require shut off of all water for an undetermined number of hours and require all residents not to touch the water for the duration of the testing.  This testing has not been scheduled yet.  PLEASE CONSERVE WATER FOR THE SAKE OF THE PLANET and to reduce the need for further increases to your association dues.  All water, both Hot and Cold is paid for through your association dues.


The association is in the process of making a number of expensive repairs to the building including:

Boiler- Hot and Cold water plumbing repairs – 5 inch pipe repairs

Lobby door repairs

Hydro-jetting of clogged sewer lines

BBQ replacement

Roof leak


What a success story the safety committee produced especially during COVID.  We have had no reports of package theft since we implemented the Receiving Room.  It has taken a ‘village’ to manage it and thanks to everyone who has moved a package, directed Amazon or other delivery personnel to the room location, or taken a package to a neighbor.  This is what teamwork is!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has paid their association dues on time.  There are 116 owners and each of us shares in the cost of running this building.   Please check the online portal to clear any charges for returned checks, late fees or FOB purchases. The cost for owners that have been unable to pay their dues is borne by the remaining owners.  The association uses a collection attorney to pursue these unpaid dues and they are also expensive.

The Board would like to personally thank Kitt , Eric and our Personal Touch porters that have worked diligently to keep us all safe during the COVID 19 pandemic.

We welcome suggestions and participation in committees, and look forward to in person meetings once they are allowed.  Next ZOOM meeting will be July 14,2021 7pm.

Please Do Us & Yourself A Favor 🙂

See something wrong, broken, or that needs attention around Centre Street Lofts? Instead of emailing Action, the Community Manager, or a Board Member, visit the Resident Portal to make your report. Why? Because those who receive your information will do the same thing, so it will help speed up the process and set in motion a tracking system that will keep you informed.

Here’s the link:
• Register or Log In
• Select: My Community
• Select: Work Orders
• Select: +New (Report)
• Select: My Home or Common Area

You’ll see a drop down menu of items and a place to enter more detailed information about the report.

How does this help? First, it speeds up the process as Action Property Management has a team of Community Care employees who receive and are authorized to act on these requests immediately, 24/7. Secondly, it helps us track reoccurring situations that require more extensive repairs or action. And last, but just as importantly, with so many staff working from home, it gets the information to those who can actually help solve the problem without increasing the work load of the other personnel.

To participate in the online requests, Owners should have a registered account, but Tenants can be added by the Owner (Tenants will only be provided with a limited view of the online system). Tenants can also call Action at (949) 450-0202 to make their report.


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